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Buying a Pre-Owned Watch – What Should You Consider?

The pre-owned market is large and wristwatches are no exception. Even as a wristwatch is usually a very personal item, at a certain point, people might want to part with it for their own reasons. But truth is, pre-owned watches for sale are hardly made the same. Thus, if you would like to buy one, it’s wise to go beyond face value before making the purchase.

The following are the most crucial things to look into as you shop for a pre-owned watch:

Service History

As servicing a mechanical watch has become quite expensive, the seller would have probably never dared to throw this important document away. With no invoice at hand, you can assume that the watch has not had a service overhaul. Check how much you need to pay for this service plus the price of the watch, and decide if it’s still worth buying. Talk to an authorized dealer or your local watchmaker and ask if they provide servicing for the watch you’ve got your sights on.

Box and Manual

A watch that is at least 30 years old will probably not come with its original box and manual. A newer one, however, should still have its box, manual, warranty card, etc. If the item is really very special and you’re sure you won’t part with it, with or without these accessories, you might decide to get it anyway. On the other hand, if you’re very detail-oriented, check if the box is at least period-correct. Every few years or so, watch brands usually change their boxes.

Scratches and Dents

A watch is meant to be worn. Clearly, a watch that has been worn will not be completely free of scratches and dents. Buying or not buying it depends on how bad these imperfections are. Try to picture out how those defects could have come about. You can purchase it anyway if all of its functions are doing fine, but don’t forget that sometimes, damages go past what is visible, such as corrosion in the inner parts.


Finally, just before you decide to buy a pre-owned watch, talk to the seller about the warranty. For a relatively new item, a factory warranty may still be available. If you’re purchasing the watch from a professional watch seller, you might get a warranty good for half a year to a year.===
Finding a Seller As you may know, pre-owned watch sellers come a dime a dozen online. You can buy from a general platform like Craiglist or something specialized to watches. A huge timesaver are these websites that curate information on watches and sellers from different place on the web. Before making a purchase, the most crucial thing to do is to know your seller.

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