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Know Which Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

By the year 2020, digital media expenditure is estimated to take almost 24{524c0d59ef5fc562082d939ceb7990b2cf0fb0f51e3600b1a08f9eb113dfbbc8} of the advertising sector. This is an increase from the known 15{524c0d59ef5fc562082d939ceb7990b2cf0fb0f51e3600b1a08f9eb113dfbbc8}. In business, digital media is an important investment. Today, those in digital marketing need to go for latest trends and updates.

You can now use chatbots to replace the customer care department. The use of artificial intelligence has made this popular and helps to communicate to customers as robots.

Marketers go for the progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages, know to reduce load time in websites. When used the technology cuts on the load time for webpage up to 0.5 seconds.

One of the leading digital marketing trends in 2019 is the rise in video use. Though many adverts were run on television, there are shared platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix.

The smart digital marketers prefer the augmented and virtual reality, considered the latest innovation. The use of virtual reality gives the new environment but augmented reality will place the virtual items. They are used to enhance the client experience with services or products before they buy. Once used, the clients will not be returning the goods once bought.

The other trend used here is content generated by users. The online sellers like Alibaba and Amazon have tapped and now use this trend. The use of this trend allows the buyer to give their ratings and recommendations. For those who are using user-generated content, they have a chance to recruit new clients.

Artificial intelligence is another trend used. Many marketers are now relying on AI, which helps to find the purpose in profiling internet users to target the ads. The AI is used to power the chatbots to handle the clients and help in customer experience. With the development of AI and applied in digital marketing, your clients get satisfied.

Omnichannel is another trend used today. Earlier, marketers talked to buyers through multiple channels. They applied emails, websites and social media independently. The Omnichannel make these platforms single and continuous, and tracking of customers become easier.

Today, marketers are now using the personalization and marketing personalization to do marketing. The use of automated email make clients finds what is relevant and buys. It is now easy to curate content using search engines and marketing tools using artificial intelligence. When you use the marketing company, it will create relevant content that targets the audience.

Nowadays, the use of voices search is becoming popular on certain platforms like Amazon and replaces typed searches.

Another trend is to use native ads. Online visitors install ad blocks to block adverts from their websites. However, marketers use native ads that appear as needed content. Customers will interact with these ads.