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Essential Features and Functions of Dentrix

Dentrix is server-based software that helps dental clinics manage their appointments and records more properly. Its application ranges from family file to the reports and all that happens in between the reporting and the family file opening. It is critical and essential that as brief as possible with Delve into the details of how this important software works to solve the daily problems of most professional dentists. At the end of the article, you can decide for yourself if it is a worthwhile software to acquire for your dental clinic or not. Once you start using it or from the knowledge you acquire from this article you can also go ahead and advise others of your friends and colleagues whether it is a necessary software to help them make their work better or they can do without it. The final decision and choice are yours but here is the most critical and important advice you can get about this software.

The first feature is a dentrix is cloud-based. Being cloud-based means that with dentrix software running your operations in your dental clinic you can access all your information once you log in from anywhere across the world as long as you have access to the internet. This means that you make the world your office and you’re not confined to any physical space within your location. With a unique login password, you can access all the databases and easily contact your Patience and your colleagues anytime and from anywhere. Indeed the clouds based mode of operation helps facilitate ease and convenience.

The dentrix software has an appointment book which the clinical team and the front desk office used to communicate on schedule changes any notes to be taken by either side, patients arrival time, booking in, consultation time and dismissal. You realize that this forms the backbone of operations in your dental clinic as it passes all the communication back and forth between the front office desk and the clinical team.

Next is the family file which helps the clinic front office desk key in all the personal details of the patient even their preferred means of communication. Some of the key distinction details of every patient that made a world of a difference are also keyed in an early stage. The family file helps you identify a patient and writing more notes about them for instance if they’re students or not.

In the Ledger, the clinic and general claims and also enter patients’ cash or card payment and insurance payments. Using dentrix Ledger you can attach the patient’s payment to the provider. I’m the best component of the dentrix Ledger is the fact that once a patient is attended to and all the processes are done all the details and information are transferred to a folder that is safely and securely on the server.

Finally, the last future that will be explained in this article is the treatment planner. It helps outline the process of treatment for every patient they commit to the process and it’s served in the server for future reference.

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