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Importance of Food Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels are an important addition to any food product. When you launch one in the market or add to your existing catalog of foods out there, you are expected to have it matched with a proper nutrition label.

There are regulatory bodies in the industry that ensures safety and health standards are adhered to by all the players involved, from the manufacturers, distributors, retail outlets, and others. All those efforts are to ensure that consumers are safe at all times when interacting with the products and that they are well informed about the ingredients in the foods they consume. You, therefore, have to comply with their expectation that you will inform your customers of all the nutrient content in the foods you put out there.

Any time you have a food product you would like to release to the public in whatever capacity or forum, you have to comply with the laid down regulations. You must ensure that you are compliant with all the rules, to avoid any trouble in the future, and to enable you to sell your products in the market. The penalty for breaking any of the regulations is severe and could cost you your business if you even manage to sell in the first place.

The labeling of your product and its ingredients should contain nutritional facts in a well-designed panel on the packaging. It should not be hard for customers to access the information contained on that panel. Your compliance, therefore, depends on that panel and how well it passes across the necessary information. No retail outlet will agree to sell what you offer if those panels are no present. The regulatory authorities in their frequent spot checks in such outlets will remove any they find without that panel or remove them if a customer reports those they find without the panels. Not only do they check for the presence of the panels, but they also check the accuracy of the information provided on them.

The rules you need to follow when creating the panel are as follows. You need to reveal the serving size, the number of servings in each container, all the nutritional information such as total fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and such, ingredient list, as well as allergen statement. You need to do a nutritional analysis to obtain all that information to add to the panel. The best approach when it comes to obtaining the relevant nutritional info and even in designing the label is to hire the services of a food
nutrition label consultant. They will take away the stress that goes with the process.

You need to see to it that all the info contained in the nutrition label is accurate. You cannot afford to have even a small deviation from the real numbers. The regulatory authorities are only concerned about the health and safety of the citizens, as is their mandate.

If you have a modification done on the food product you put out there, you have to get a new label made for it. Changing even one ingredient affects the composition of the food in there. Those changes are also noted by the regulatory authorities. They expect you to let your customers know of those changes and the new nutrition information.

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