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Training Dog: Tips and Strategies

When it comes to picking up social cues, you can expect dogs to do it very quickly as they are very good learners. When you get a dog, you should start training them immediately. When you combine love and affection with training, there is a special bond that grows between you and your dog. In earlier days, it was recommended that puppies be trained only after they receive the required vaccinations but that is no longer the case. There is no harm in training dogs from as early as seven to eight weeks and it is actually beneficial. Infectious issues are less serious in terms of harm caused as compared to behavioral issues according to the same research findings. Depending on these early stages, a dog is either going to have a quality life or a troublesome life at the later stages. This site looks to provide you with a few tips on how to train your dog if you are looking to get started.

Start with positive reinforcement. When it comes to training methods, there is a wide preference for positive reinforcement over punishment. While punishment can suppress certain behaviors in your dog, it can also make it more aggressive and anxious. Positive reinforcement is basically rewarding your dig whenever it does something right. It ranks among the effective training tips you can ever find for you dog. Simply redirect your dog or puppy whenever it misbehaves. Being in the presence of your dog also requires you to show calmness and happiness. Studies show that any signs of stress in a dog owner reflect on the dog. Some of the best rewards for a dog include toys and treats. Getting them the right food at all times is also very important.

Take your dog for a walk on a leash. Walking on a leash is a good place to start for people who would love to take their dogs out or a walk. Depending on your dog, it could be easy or hard. All you have to do is strap a leash on their collar and you are good to go with some dogs while some will need more than that. You can start by walking indoors or in a small enclosed area. By doing this, the dog will get comfortable with the leash. You can give a dog a feel of the leash by letting it go once you have attached it to the collar. Prevent the dog from chewing on the leash by having some toys around.