A Simple Plan:

Tips To Help You Eliminate Termites Completely In Your Home

Termites result in yearly damages worth billions of dollars. They mainly feed on wood. However, they can cause damage to walls, books, insulation, filtration systems and papers, systems, insulation and books. However, they damage filtration systems, walls, papers and books. Also, they cause a lot damage to shrubs and living trees. Termites can result in infestation of a building. Make sure you have your home inspected during the buying and selling process. Termites can reduce the value of a home. Read on to know how you can eliminate termites.

Use of permethrin dust and arsenic dust. Termites are washed off by the chemicals. After a single termite gets in contact with the dust, the whole colony is affected. Permethrin works instantly. Arsenic dust on the other hand, works from one termite to the nest. Proper care needs to be observed because arsenic dust is a known natural poison.

Flooding helps to get rid of termites. You need to dig up the affected area and flood it so as the termites can drown.

Sunlight is a great disinfectant. Enough sunlight is known to get rid of termites. Termites thrive in surfaces that are dark and dump. Ensure you keep your windows open during the day and your home gets enough sunlight. Termites don’t survive in a home that is lit up constantly.

Orange oil is known not to be soluble in water. You can get the oil from orange peels. Orange can irritate the skin and eyes. You should be cautious when handling it. Pour the oil in wood that has termite infestation. You will see results after one to two weeks.
Boric acid work by stopping the nervous system of termites. You need to spray the wood where termites’ feed. Use a mask and gloves when using the insecticide. The insecticide is toxic if inhaled and can corrode the skin.
Worm species known as nematodes search for hosts such a termites to breed and grow. Termites are eliminated in 48 hours of insects when used in spray form. Nematodes are not harmful to pets, humans or plants. They primarily focus on destroying insects. It is advisable to use nematodes immediately after buying. If not so, keep it refrigerated for preservation.

Bug bombs are liquid insecticide in pressurized aerosols. Termites die instantly when in contact with the toxic substance.

Wet cardboard traps are used where termites are found. Stiff wood contains cellulose that termites feed on. Cardboard contains high percentage of cellulose. Burn the cardboard after it has attracted the termites. For great results, keep repeating the process.

The most efficient way to eliminate termites is calling exterminators. If an infestation is spread entirely in a home, it is almost impossible to control it on your own. For prevention of catastrophic damages, you need to call a professional.