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Benefits of Quartz Countertops

While granite could the most common counter top there is a new contender in the market called the quartz. Once the quartz counter-top is well installed in your bathroom and kitchen it offers countless advantages as compared to other materials in the market today and the good thing is that it gives some unique perks which are not with other counter tops. The quartz counter-tops are indestructible. The counter tops are made of engineered ground quartz and the polymer resins. The process of manufacturing makes the quartz to be extra durable and this means they are close to not getting destroyed at all. Most of the stone materials and products have some degree of porous and this means that they are prone to water absorption or may other liquid. However for granite it is less porous than the marble and some kinds of granite. Once the quartz is engineered by the manufacturers it becomes non porous and that it the reason is to considered perfect choice for many kitchen counter tops. The durability of the quartz is what makes it one of the greatest assets. The engineered counter tops from quartz are resistant to corrosion and the stains from your household and also oils and water. However, too much heat can damage the quartz counter tops or when it is exposed to sunlight for a long period. If you are looking to get creative with the kitchen counter-top you can have the quarts counter tops St Peters burg Florida for instance installing them to your home.

The engineered quartz unlike the natural stone is flexible and can even be held in place with epoxy. This means that is usable in shower enclosures, wall with seam which are visible seems. The engineered quartz is heavy and that is why it is wise to have it installed by certified installers and distributors. In addition to it unique design quartz is available in a number of colors and pattern designs. If you are looking to have something that will look like a natural stone or slab you can opt to have that one. Still when the granite is engineered there are some pigments which can be added to the crushed quartz to add some design and match your bathroom and kitchen. If you want to have a counter top that will offer low maintenance, quartz is the answer. Because it is porous and it is usually made with a mixture of resins and the ground quartz it does not need to be sealed. For the homeowners this is what makes quartz a benefit to their kitchen as compared to other contenders. Because the beauty of the quartz is derived from Mother Nature it has a wonderful texture and color and this makes your home have a unique feel and an earthy feel and touch. Since the quartz are manufactured they look and also have a uniform look and this enables you to customize your bathroom or kitchen to the desired look that will go together. This gives your home a consistent style and this makes you have an aesthetic feel.

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