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Most people don’t understand the full use of WordPress. Many try to test whether there is the need of using WordPress instead of their old platforms. Is there any need to switch to the WordPress platform? We have solutions for you in case you are still trying out the WordPress platform. Below is a list of importance of using the WordPress domain. This is inclusive of the various types of websites which can be formed through WordPress.

1. WordPress is a Free Domain

WordPress hails as a free software. Many people are able to download and install the software, from which they can make modifications to suit their needs. This can be used in creating any kind of website. Despite being a free domain, WordPress still needs the user to have a user name and downloading of the software for web hosting. A domain represents a name which is the address of your website on the internet.

This is exactly what other users normally type into the address bar on their browsers in order to gain access your website. Webhosting acts as a storage unit which is used in storing all the files from the website. You can find many reliable hosting companies available which have the hosting feature of WordPress.

2. Customizability of Themes and Plugins

A large part of the people utilizing WordPress are not web designers or programmers. Most people who are using WordPress have little knowledge especially in areas of website development. With the large number of available templates to be chosen from, WordPress becomes a reliable solution for users across the world.

There is the common WordPress theme that suits about any kind of website, be it a blog, online store or business site. There is the simplicity in the use of the different themes which can be customized personally with a number of the available option panels. This allow you to change colors, background, upload logos, create slides and fully customize all your needs without the need of writing a code.

3. SEO Friendly Nature of Worpdress

There is the use of the standard compliance with high quality code which is written as part of WordPress. A semantic markup is used as part of the procedure. Search engines are very easy to comply with these standards.

A number of the WordPress sites have a higher ranking on the search engines when it is compared to other website. Through design, WordPress sites are very SEO friendly. Additionally, you can also use the WordPress SEO plugins for optimization of your website. This is utilized especially after following the complete guide with the WordPress for optimizing of websites.

WordPress can be used in different forms ranging from simple websites to e-Commerce platforms. The uses can range from blogs, online courses, membership websites and making business websites.


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