Quick Process to make a false ID without any risk

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California driver license - scannable fake idDo you want to make a fake id? Here are the steps from which you will learn to make a fake ID.

Quick procedure:

Scan an ID on your computer: Be sure to do it on both sides and pay attention to any holographic element.

Open what you scanned with a program to edit images: Photoshop is the ideal option for this, but you can also use free programs such as GIMP and Paint.net.

Insert your new image: Try to get a photo that is approximately the same resolution and size as the original identification.

  • If necessary, enlarge or shrink the new photo so that the head is the same size as the original photo.
  • You can also adjust the contrast and brightness to be like those of the original photograph. As long as the picture is not too bright or dark, it will be fine.
  • Change the text fields: Try to find a font that matches that of the original ID (Courier, with slab serif, was used in many old licenses). Also, adjust the font size and space to look as similar as possible.
  • Enter a full name, without abbreviations.
  • Enter a realistic birth date. 
  • Make the hair and eye color say the right thing according to the photo.

Print your new  Fake ID on heavy cardboard: Be sure to print both the front and the back.

Cut each side of your new ID.

Paste both sides to form a credential: Cut off any shore that comes out.

Add any hologram: If you want to add a touch of authenticity to the identification, you can add a hologram. See the section of making your hologram below and make sure you do it before laminating the custom fake id.

Laminate paper identification: Cut the laminate to measure about a quarter of an inch from the edge of the paper.

Make your hologram:

Create your binary hologram: The golden holograms of many identifications are called binary holograms. These holograms can be easily reproduced using Pearl-Ex paint and Photo-EZ paper.

Make a stencil: This product is for making templates. A stencil is an outline of a photograph but without the negative part.

Create a multicolored hologram: In many of the new identifications, there is a multicolored hologram that reflects the entire spectrum (like a rainbow). Select the two most dominant colors and buy the Perl Ex colors. This will be enough to reproduce the hologram. The hologram can be placed directly on the finished identification or before being laminated inside the plastic. If you choose to place it inside, remember to turn it upside down.

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