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The Difference between the Blogging and the Vblogging, And The Best One For You.
The fact that content marketing gives you three times more leads for each dollar than the paid search means that the content marketing strategy is something that your brand should be working on. When you get to choosing the type of content to invest in, this can get challenging especially when you have little to spend, because there are a while lot of the content strategies nowadays. Blogging and the vblogging are the two most popular, and with their names so close many people do not know their differences or even how to choose the right one for their business and here is how.

Blogging is like the old-school way, and have been around for the last two decades and started like some sort of an online diary and later grew to be a huge part of digital marketing. Blogging use words and sometimes images to communicate. This is one of the best ways to start a conversation with the readers’ thanks to the comment sections below and ideally, the updates should be done daily. The, more recent version of blogging is the Vblogging, where the v is for the video which is not a wonder since video has become really popular today. The aim here is to start a conversation too only, through the video. Using both generally increase by 157% your organic traffic and is a good idea but this needs both money and time, which you may not have hence you have to choose the one making more sense for your business.

Most companies today have a blogging section on their site for it to feel complete since numbers show that a whopping 61% of people buying something was after reading about it. As long as you update it on a regular basis, this will be a great way for you to increase your SEO, this can also make you a leader in your industry if you are able to create content relevant to other people in the area, this is a chance for you to get personal and people love the personal side of a brand, it is also easy to outsource and all you need is a computer and you will be good to go. You, however, need to work a lot harder to get the readers’ attention which will involve a lot of research that can be time consuming and this is the same case for when you outsource too because you will still have to be on top of the editorials and the managing the multiples writers.

The chances of the blogging content going viral are high since it is very sharable, visuals are great for educational purposes and this is a great way to increases the SEO, a great way to make the boring topics a little interesting and here you can get really creative. Even trickier than writing a blog post is writing the scripts and the equipment can be a little expensive and these are two main downsides. Video content, for instance, will be great for when you are looking to reach the young or advertising something that you do with your hand like cooking and building and the goal and audience, therefore, plays a vital role in choosing the best for you.